Monday, January 11, 2010

Question of the Moment

Why do I sweat more in one armpit than the other?

The right armpit seems to get a lot more moist at times. I am right-handed, so maybe that arm just gets more exercise. I suppose mouse-clicking can get strenuous at times. Could it be a woman’s monthly cyclical issue? Is it possible to have more glands in one side or the other? I throw this query to the vast blogosphere.

Another Useless Blog has Arrived!

The Internet needs more blogs, right? Sure, like Jupiter needs more moons. Anyway, here I am spitting out yet another set of insignificant opinions and taking up space.

The purpose of my blog is to amuse myself. Also, it allows me to pretend I am a self-published author. (Yay, me!) Hence, any of my ideas that may be accidentally read by others in blogspace should be considered Not Applicable. Anything read here that seems helpful or useful in any way is completely unintended. Please feel free to be offended, pleased, bored, entertained, irritated or all of the above.