Friday, November 2, 2012

The De-Friending Apocalypse is Nigh

It’s very disappointing to see my Facebook friends removing one another for liking particular philosophies. This political season has been trying everyone’s patience, but it is disturbing to watch former friends ignore each other over illegal immigration or second amendment rights.

Most philosophies have something to teach you whether you accept them or not. I disagree with the theory of socialism, but I add to my understanding of economics when I investigate the root reasons why I disagree. I have friends that claim to be socialists. I don’t dump them. Socialism is not the sum of their existence and rarely the defining force of their lives. They may also like jam bands, science fiction and ironing laundry. Those are things I can appreciate, especially if these friends come over to iron MY laundry.

Probably not socialist.  (Photo credit)

If you scrutinize your own chosen organizations, you might note that you don’t accept all of them completely. Your friends feel the same about their own “likes.” They may enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh or Bill Maher and quote them from time to time. This doesn’t mean they agree with every word from their mouths or how they live their personal lives.

Many people detest Honey Boo-Boo, but usually don’t de-friend people for watching her. Why is this more acceptable?

Next time you are outraged your “friend” posts an article opposing one of your pet issues, pause before you de-friend. Consider what you have in common with that person and why you became friends in the first place. If you still want to dump them, go for it.

If you de-friend me because I like John Stossel or Gary Johnson or International Talk Like A Pirate Day, you may be narrowing your view of the world. I am an atheist with religious friends and family. I am a Libertarian with friends in many other political parties. I am a heterosexual with gay friends. I didn’t even de-friend the woman that posts too many Nickleback videos. Now that’s acceptance!

Not Nickelback.

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